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Solve Your Safety & Compliance Issues with

J. J. Keller's DOT Advisory Services

Running a successful fleet often requires you to know a little about a lot of things. But when you need to know a lot about safety and compliance, turn to our transportation consultants. They’ll provide you with expert guidance for navigating the complexities of transportation best practices and regulatory requirements.


Our most popular advisory services include:


Regulatory Guidance & Interpretation

If you need help identifying which regulations impact your fleet and what’s required to comply, we can analyze your fleet to determine all of the state and federal requirements that apply and exactly how to meet those requirements. This includes hours of service, drug & alcohol, driver qualification, permitting, operating authority, training and more.

Policy & Procedure Review and Development

Proper policies and procedures are the foundation of your compliance program. We'll make sure you have the right ones in place, and that they’re compliant with regulations. This includes developing new policies and procedures should we uncover any gaps in your safety & compliance program. Download free DOT Policies & Procedures checklist.

Government Reporting

With our specialized knowledge of government requirements, we can assist with required government reporting, including DOT authority and permits, CSA reporting, challenging a violation in the DataQs system, and more.

FMCSA Compliance Needs Assessment

If you’re looking to establish a DOT safety & compliance program, we’ll assess your fleet operation, including the types of travel you do, the cargo you haul, the industry you’re in, and the related risks and requirements, then provide you with guidance on exactly what elements you need in place for an effective program.

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