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Environmental reporting is a complex, time-consuming task—and it’s also a required one for many companies. If your company is subject to SPCC, Tier II, TRI or other environmental reporting obligations, let our subject-matter experts handle it efficiently and accurately on your behalf.


Our most popular environmental reporting services include:

Tier II Reporting Service

Our trained staff will conduct an assessment to verify whether you need to file a Tier II report annually by March 1 as required by the Superfund Amendments & Reauthorization Act (SARA)/Title III Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), and determine the specific federal, state and local environmental requirements for your location(s). We will then prepare and file the Tier II report quickly and accurately for you if one is needed. Learn More.

Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Reporting Service

Facilities that manufacture, process or otherwise use toxic chemicals specified by EPCRA 313 must file a Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) report annually by July 1. Our experienced environmental consultants can verify whether you need to file a TRI report and determine the specific federal and state environmental requirements for your location(s). If required, we’ll then prepare and file the toxic release inventory report quickly and accurately on your behalf.

Environmental Reporting Services 

With our specialized knowledge of environmental reporting and permitting obligations, we can prepare and file your reports and permits quickly and accurately. Our service areas include air quality permitting, wastewater/industrial discharge monitoring report, storm water pollution & prevention planning, waste management, waste reporting, emission inventories, semi-annual deviation reports, annual compliance certifications, NESHAP reports, TSCA compliance and more. Download Environmental Compliance FAQs. 

Take a proactive approach to environmental compliance by contacting us today for a no-obligation discussion. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Facilities must file a TRI report annually to the EPA and designated state and/or tribe if they meet all four of these criteria:

1. Is in a “covered sector” (defined by NAICS codes),

2. Has 10 or more full-time employees,

3. Has a TRI-listed chemical, and

4. The listed chemical exceeds its threshold in a given year

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy.

Facilities that must report include:

1. Facilities covered under OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard and that must prepare or have available safety data sheets (SDSs) for one or more hazardous chemicals; and

2. Facilities that meet either of the following conditions:

a) An extremely hazardous substance (EHS) is present at any one time in an amount equal to or greater than 500 pounds (approximately 55 gallons) or the threshold planning quantity (TPQ), whichever is lower.

b) A hazardous chemical that is not an EHS is present at any one time in an amount equal to or greater than the threshold level for that chemical. Threshold levels are 10,000 pounds unless the chemical is gasoline or diesel fuel at a retail gas station (higher threshold quantities apply to retail gas stations).


There is no threshold quantity if state responders, local emergency officials, or the local fire department asks you for information on any or all of your chemicals.

In order to get your facility up to date and into compliance with these rules, it is recommended that back-filed reports be submitted for at least the previous three years for which reporting should have been submitted but was not. Back-filed reports can be submitted at the same time as the next upcoming deadline. 

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