Tier II Reporting Services

Annually by March 1, manufacturing and non-manufacturing facilities with one or more covered hazardous chemicals are required to report chemical inventory data to their local fire departments, local emergency planning committees, and state emergency response commissions. 

An experienced J. J. Keller® Environmental Consultant will conduct an assessment to verify whether you need to file a Tier II report as required by the Superfund Amendments & Reauthorization Act (SARA)/Title III Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA). Our trained staff will complete the report quickly and accurately for you if necessary. 

Required Reporting Elements

• Facility information

• Chemical description of materials used at the facility

• Individual chemical constituents

• Physical and health hazards

• Maximum and average daily amounts

• Storage types, conditions, and locations

• Additional information verifying reporting status


Steps to File Tier II

1. Inventory your chemical storage. 

2. Determine maximum & average daily storage of regulated chemicals.

3. Register with the state reporting system. 

4. File report & maintain records. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A HMBP is a document containing detailed information to provide basic information necessary for use by first responders in order to prevent or mitigate damage to the public health and safety and to the environment from a release or threatened release of a hazardous material. It also satisfies the federal and state Community Right-to-Know laws.

The state of California requires an owner or operator of a facility to complete and submit a Hazardous Material Business Plan (HMBP) if the facility handles a certain quantity of hazardous material or mixture containing a hazardous material any one time during the reporting year.

  • Propane
  • Diesel
  • Ammonia
  • Battery Acid
  • Fuel
  • Lead
  • Compressed Gasses
  • Sulfuric Acid

1. Facilities covered under OSHA's Hazard Communication standard and that must prepare or have available safety data sheets (SDSs) for one or more hazardous chemicals; and

2. Facilities that meet either of the following conditions: 

  • An extremely hazardous substance (EHS) is present at any one time in an amount equal or greater than 500 pounds (approximately 55 gallons) or the threshold planning quantity (TPQ), whichever is lower. 
  • A hazardous chemical that is not an EHS is present at any one time in an amount equal to or greater than the threshold level for that chemical. Threshold levels are 10,000 pounds unless the chemical is gasoline or diesel fuel at a retail gas station (higher threshold quantities apply to retail gas stations). 

There is no threshold quantity if state responders, local emergency officials, or the local fire department asks you for information on any or all of your chemicals. 

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Tier II Compliance Brief

Completed Tier II reports are due to your state responders, local emergency officials and local fire department by March 1st. Do you know whether you need to file? The answer is not always obvious.

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