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Know how to get, and keep, your company in compliance with complex environmental regulations. Our subject-matter experts are here to provide the guidance you need to comply with all aspects of environmental federal, state and other local requirements. Never wonder or worry again.


Our most popular environmental advisory services include:

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan

If you store more than 1,320 gallons of oil in drums 55 gallons and larger, or if you store more than 42,000 gallons of oil underground, you’re required to have an SPCC plan in place. This is a detailed, facility-specific, written description of how your operation meets the prevention measures outlined in the EPA regulations. Our environmental specialists will help you comply by conducting an onsite inspection, identifying any deficiencies, and preparing and filing the facility diagram.

Risk Management Plan (RMP)

Let us help your company develop a chemical safety program that complies with the RMP standard 40 CFR 68 and maintain ongoing compliance. This includes providing guidance and support to ensure chemical safety at your facility, and assisting with ongoing compliance requirements under the EPA standard, including triennial audits, refresher training, and updates to process hazard analysis. 

Capital Project Execution

Managing environmental, health and safety through the expansion of an existing asset or investing in a new asset is crucial to executing capital projects. We can help you identify which permits are required to complete a project and work with your schedule to ensure regulatory approvals are obtained in a timely manner. We’ll also help you secure key approvals where external stakeholders, like community groups and nongovernmental organizations, can cause unforeseen delays.

Mergers & Acquisitions

If your company is merging with or acquiring another company, we can identify, evaluate and quantify potential environmental liabilities for owning and operating that company. Our consultants will review the environmental documentation to determine compliance with permit conditions and underlying regulatory requirements, ensuring that required reports have been completed and required plans are in place, complete, and up to date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve worked closely with regulators across the country to resolve compliance issues, and we can help resolve them for your company, too. This includes participating in inspections, responding to information requests, participating in enforcement conferences, responding to notices of violations, and negotiating fine reductions. We research federal and state guidance, leveraging this information and data to provide a thoroughly researched position to regulators. This approach has resulted in numerous violations being rescinded.

Our consultants have worked with many clients to develop strategies that ensure ongoing compliance with water permit requirements and increasingly stringent discharge criteria.

This includes: 

  • onsite support
  • data evaluation
  • discharge monitoring reports
  • tailored compliance strategies
  • staff training
  • industrial discharge permitting
  • industrial stormwater permitting
  • negotiating permit conditions 
  • developing compliance tools
  • creating SPCC plans
  • planning stormwater pollution prevention

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