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Process Safety Management (PSM) Updates

Date: 3/5/2024

Did you know that OSHA recently updated its enforcement policy manual for Process Safety Management (PSM) of Highly Hazardous Chemicals? The changes were announced in a directive effective January 26.

While the manual provides OSHA inspectors with guidance on performing inspections related to the PSM standard, it can also help you and your employees to better understand what inspectors are looking for during the process.

The updated manual replaces the audit checklist in favor of a question-and-answer format, because "numerous questions have been submitted and compliance guidance provided to the industry on the application of the standard."

Areas of PSM covered include:

  • Process hazards analysis
  • Operating procedures
  • Training
  • Incident Investigations
  • Emergency planning
  • Compliance audits

Phillip Williams is one of J. J. Keller's Process Safety Management experts. With 25 years of experience, Phillip combines regulatory knowledge with extensive industry experience to provide guidance for achieving and maintaining compliance.

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