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Partner Profile: Discount Tire

Date: 4/24/2024

In addition to being a J. J. Keller® Consulting client, Discount Tire is the largest independent tire and wheel retailer in the U.S., operating more than 1,100 stores across 38 states.


What safety and compliance challenges did Discount Tire face?

According to David Grimm, Director of Aircraft Maintenance at Discount Tire, many of the employees at their retail stores were still in high school, so their initial focus was on keeping them safe. Over time, however, this focused widened, with Grimm taking part in helping to build a corporate-wide safety department.


How did J. J. Keller® Consulting partner with Discount Tire?

“We started by having J. J. Keller consultants perform both an OSHA and an environmental audit,” Grimm said. “We had safety plans in place, but they were handwritten and outdated. Based on the audits, J. J. Keller updated all 35 of our plans, in addition to providing staff training.”

Discount Tire then selected J. J. Keller’s OSHA Compliance Program, which is a unique, ongoing service that offers year-round support from a dedicated J. J. Keller EHS consultant.

“For me, this service is a valuable resource because it’s not a one-time thing, it’s a subscription. It can go on year after year now. We have all of these things taken care of with our written plans in place where we feel comfortable, and with this partnership J. J. Keller will help keep us there.”


Does Discount Tire feel like they’ve achieved their goals with J. J. Keller’s Consulting Service?

“People in the company look at what we’ve achieved and go, wow, how are you guys doing this? Well, we’re doing this because of J. J. Keller,” said Grimm. “If your goal is get your people home safely every day without damaging equipment, because that’s my goal, then doing what’s necessary is how we avoid saying, ‘If only…’”


Would Discount Tire recommend J. J. Keller® Consulting to other companies?

According to Grimm, “In addition to the service, most importantly, what we’ve built with J. J. Keller is a partnership. And with them being a family company that’s been in business over 70 years, we appreciate the similarities to our own business.”

“With J. J. Keller you actually hire a whole company,” added Grimm. “So for the cost of this one consulting program, I’m actually hiring the whole company as a resource to us.”

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