Protect Your Workers from Common Workplace Hazards

Our industrial hygiene programs provide a complete solution for minimizing workplace hazards that can result in injury, illness or affect the well-being of workers. Service components may include a hazard assessment, ongoing monitoring, policy & procedure review and development, and supervisor and employee training.

How We Can Help

ASSESSMENT - We will provide assessments of hazards for ergonomics and laser safety management, along with a report and recommendations. We can also provide exposure assessments for: 

  • Airbourne dust and contaminents
  • Asbestos, mold, lead, hazardous gases and vapors
  • Noise

MONITORING - We can provide one-time and ongoing monitoring of noise and air quality hazards and exposure levels in your work environment to develop a baseline for future monitoring and provide recommendations to mitigate risks.

POLICY & PROCEDURES DEVELOPMENT AND REVIEW - We will work with you to develop a company or operation-specific policy with specific procedures and controls, including applicable personal protective equipment. 

TRAINING PROGRAM - We can provide initial and annual training for supervisors and employees. 

Our Most Popular Industrial Hygiene Services:

Hearing Conservation

We offer both area and personal noise monitoring. We determine if hearing protection should be required, even for short durations of exposure, as well as determining who needs to be included in a hearing conservation program. We can also develop your hearing conservation program and complete the PPE hazard assessments required by OSHA.

Air Monitoring

Your J. J. Keller safety consultant will work with you to determine what constituents need to be evaluated in your workplace, including chemical and byproduct exposures to volatile organic compounds, dusts, vapors, mists, fumes and other air contaminates, including mold. You’ll receive an exposure report and recommendations to ensure you’re protecting your employees and complying with all federal and state standards and emphasis programs. J. J. Keller will also develop or review your policies and procedures and help you track and manage your air monitoring, training, and medical surveillance records.


You can prevent musculoskeletal disorders, one of the leading workplace injuries in all industries, by creating an ergonomically sound workspace. Our experienced consultants will spend time with your workers, job shadowing and conducting interviews to identify problem areas and offer recommendations for engineering, administrative or PPE controls.

Laser Safety

Eye safety is the number one concern when working with or near a laser. Our consultants will evaluate your laser exposures, match PPE and signage to the various lasers in your facilities, and develop or review your company’s policies for laser safety. We can also assist you with laser safety training, if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The primary risk exposure from lasers is damage to a person’s retina or vision. All lasers are classified in one of four potential classes. Class 1 lasers are the only class of lasers that don’t present any risk exposure. Class 2 and above present risks that require safety protection. Many companies are not aware that simply giving employees PPE is not enough.

One of the most common workplace injuries are due to muscoloskeletal disorders (MSDs), which are typically caused by the repetitive motion found in manufacturing, construction, service and office industries. Although ergonomics is not specifically called out by OSHA, the General Duty Clause requires employers to take action to correct or eliminate all injuries in the workplace.

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