Properly Package & Ship Hazardous Materials with Hands-On Help & Cloud-Based Technology

Now you can be certain your staff is safely packaging and shipping your hazardous materials using our unique combination of hands-on consulting services and a cloud-based management system. Together, they allow you to create accurate shipping papers and instructions, provide centralized visibility to your hazmat information, and take the worry out of shipping hazardous materials.

Our Hazardous Materials Management Services:

Classification Services

Whenever you need to ship hazardous materials, simply provide us with your hazmat Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and indicate what quantity and packaging you want to ship. Your J. J. Keller hazmat consultant will classify the material and define Materials of Trade (MOT) rules, packaging requirements and allowable shipping quantities. We’ll then create shipping papers and instructions for regulated materials including examples of proper package markings.

Information Management System

Next, we’ll upload the classifications, descriptions and SDSs into our cloud-based portal, where you can access this information at any time. When you need to ship your hazmat, log into your portal and quickly print shipping and packaging instructions. Your portal provides immediate access to each hazardous material, including the SDS, ERG pages, shipping papers, shipping instructions, chemical composition and more. As you get new hazardous materials or when you get a new SDS, notify your consultant, who will review and classify them, and upload the information into your portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

This service works for all modes of transportation, including air (IATA), ground (DOT) and water (IDMG) and Canada Ground (TDG).

You can see your hazardous material classifications, descriptions and shipping papers. You can also view shipping instructions that show the proper placement of required information, including labels, shipping name and UN ID number.

The benefits include:

  • Creating accurate shipping papers and instructions
  • Providing a highly-experienced go-to contact for questions and guidance on your materials
  • Taking the worry out of shipping hazmat
  • Providing centralized access and visibility to your hazmat information, organizing what you're shipping and who's authorized to ship it
  • Enabling you to quickly report on your hazmats - modes, shipping locations, quantities and more
  • Saving you time!

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